In the 1950s and '60s the Young Life Armenia Camp property was used as a Young Pioneer Communist Indoctrination camp for kids 10 -17, now this property is being used to introduce kids to Christ, what a difference!









Picture Captions:

Left Column, Top: Marching on the parade deck

Left Column, Middle: Planning a new camp on the parade deck!

Left Column, Bottom: After researching this poster found in one of the dorms on the property, we found it is a Soviet All-Union Pioneers poster and translates to: “I (surname, given name) entering the ranks of the All-Union Pioneer Organization commemorated to Vladimir Illich Lenin in front of my comrades solemnly promise: to passionately love my homeland, to live, study, and fight as bequeathed by the Great Lenin, as the Communist Party teaches, and to always carry out laws of pioneers of the Soviet Union.”

Middle Column Top: Fun at camp

Middle Column Second Row: Marching to communist indoctrination

Middle Column Third Row: Kids eager to have the best week of their lives

Middle Column Bottom: Raising the Soviet flag

Right Column Top and Bottom: New games at camp

Right Column Middle: Saluting Lenin

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